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January 2009
With wings..
Thu, Jan. 8th, 2009 04:05 pm

well, apparently i went a whole year w/o posting, hmm..
personally i thought it was more like 2 years
just leaving a fresh post to keep my journal looking active
until i find the time to backup whats left..

in other news ive had a ringing in my ear for maybe 14 months now,
im pretty sure all the screaming im put through is at least part of it,
but im starting to think that diabetes or something might be why it hasnt gone away..

i also mentioned my extra billy cds to the tall girl at best buy in nov
cause she was talking about pumpkins when the new dvd came out,
so she was gonna get my info to maybe buy some, but then i panicked
& remembered i dont use the phone & am avoiding email.. (just more proof of why im single)
i need to look into cheap cell phones that only charge by usage..
i hate cell phones, i prefer to have the mic by my mouth not my ear, yknow bannanna style..

there was also a pumpkins concert in nov after that,
in addition to leaving late, a dense fog had enveloped all socal..
i wouldve made it to the concert in 'good enough' time, but they dropped me off at SDSU not UCSD..
& when they said theyd be waiting in the parking lot watching dvds,
what they really meant is were going to ditch you & drive off for 20 miles looking for a staterbros..
so after walking enough to get several blisters on my feet, & discover where i was & where they werent, & finally a payphone..
i then realized i didnt have any change, or know their new cell #.. so i called someone else collect to find out
then called the cell collect to find out it cant accept collect calls, then realized i have credit cards, & could just charge the call..
easy right? but the operators were all assholes & morons so there was frequent redialing & 'instruction'..
then i found out i had the wrong number, so i started over & eventually got through.. next came waiting..
& sitting on the curb waiting, not knowing the crotch in my pants had split while stepping over junk in the house..
eventually they show up & were back to square 1.. trying to find the damn college in a labyrinthian fog..
everyone giving directions keeps telling us how to get to SDSU.. & then theres several arguements on the fact of going backward..
eventually, im there, i can barely walk for a week while the blisters on my feet heal
but i managed to record the last 40 minutes of the concert on my little HD cam..
remembering from when zwan played at USCD, i knew id have a good view of the band, perfect for my camera..
if i had shown up on time & been anywhere closer than the back..
strobes & colored lights dont help, & using full zoom theyre still small blurs
the audio is complete shit, partly to blame on the acoustics..
i couldnt even tell what the songs were when i was there, sounded like the speakers were blown out..
didnt need the spare camera batteries i ordered from hong kong,
didnt need the usb/AA power supply i tried building that didnt work..
(to prevent stopping the camera while swapping batteries)
& the ticket was overpriced to start with..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

later paypal would be kind enough to deny the payphone charges that tried to go through..
(debit card is available w/ seller status, buyer credit is available sperately & card can be linked)
i dont expect them to get paid at all since they want to be greedy & try to charge me $40 a call..

but now i know why they titled the new dvd "if all goes wrong"..
& unless they retire them, i can buy cds of every concert this tour through the website..
about $20 a night.. or $15 for mp3.. i prefer tangible things, so $500 or so should get me the full tour..
i wont be able to save up that much till august..

most people would wonder why why why..
but i have several bootlegs & would endeavor to complete a collection
i also view concerts & fireworks as the best way to test recording equipment..
this is still a huge step up from the last concert i taped, on cassette & 320x240 mjpeg w/o zoom..
but a real audio solution is still needed..

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With wings..
Wed, Dec. 19th, 2007 10:48 am

once upon a time i found an old tv sitting on the curb,
i think somewhere around 20-27".. (mono of course)
it had a sign that said "free - take me", & so i did..

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(ill eventually fix my icons later, then edit this to use my max headroom icon, & remove this last line..)

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With wings..
Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005 06:58 pm

a brief skim of last entries..
apparently MANY things i typed never got as far as posting..
not that it matters..

disjointed random scattered txt files all across my desktop..

i seem to have slept over 16 hours today..

making progress at things i suppose..
not that it matters..

when push comes to shove, nothing matters, noone gives a shit..
so its not a question of relevance or importance, but of apathy..

words on deaf ears have no context..
it sickens me when people blame the words

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With wings..
Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005 06:57 pm

You Were Actually Born Under:
Full of spunk, you are the original party animal.
You bring fun, activity, and stimulation to any event.
Self-control is not one of your strong points; you have been known to over indulge.
Cheerful and energetic, you can turn the most boring thing into something fun.

You are most compatible with a Rat or Dragon.
You Should Have Been Born Under:

You've got a ton of energy - and need plenty of room to roam.
You tend to follow your whims, and it's hard for you to stick to one thing.
Specific jobs, loves, and friends are always changing and never a part of your life for long.
Very intuitive, you tend to know what people are thinking before they say a word.

You are most compatible with a Dog or Tiger.


With wings..
Wed, Aug. 24th, 2005 04:44 pm

ok! clarification time!
(my last entry just didnt seem thought out)
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arg! im hungry..

in other news;
i checked my email searches late, but i already have this..
18 hours or so left, so if you missed it, oh well..

theres another of the bw manga up to, like anyone doesnt have it..

HHHUUNNNGRRRYYY!!!!! said the stomach(e)..

lol.. how very reputable.. (really, whos gonna believe who?)

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With wings..
Fri, Aug. 19th, 2005 08:42 am

ive been swimming in the deep end.. going places i shouldnt be..
the truth is painful sometimes, but almost always undeniable..

this recent waste of time im not mentioning,
motivates me to be a little more honest than usuall..

that was the purpose of this journal, a test in honesty, & being forthright..
knowing the consequences of my words & not letting it stop me..

but i HAVE let it stop me, on more than one occasion..

at any rate, i feel the need at this moment to point out, that i hate jackie..
i suppose i could go into detail justifying this, & explaining that..

but when push comes to shove, i know that she couldnt care less,
& thats all the reason i need..

almost as certainly as i would know her habits of denying her indefference..
despite its undeniability..

im not complaining here, just responding preemptively..
although she says shes different now, & maybe what that means
is she got sick of being 'nice' to people like me..
(in other words, maybe she wont deny)

arguably, ive done something stupid, & hurt myself in some manner (?)
& maybe im just lashing out.. but the fact that i could believe in her indifference,
is solid proof that it does exist..

& why should i care about potentially offending someone
if i know they dont care enough to get offended?

it would just be useless self censorship..

so yeah.. i hate jackie

maybe its just my pattern, i always hate everyone inevitably..
but i have my reasons, as shallow as they are..
& they just are more frequent & undeniable,
than any other contradictory reasons i would have not to hate her..

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With wings..
Mon, Aug. 15th, 2005 07:48 pm

just noticed my poll since it was apparently the last post i made,
& sherry rated her respect for me as low as possible.. hmm.. -_-;

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With wings..
Mon, Aug. 15th, 2005 06:48 pm

so recently, i finally got tivo..

im not sure how much of my rants actually made post or slumped into notepad wasteland,
but as for my recent death focus anxiety thats been bugging me the past couple months..
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most of my anxiety now goes back to insufficient $ for my intentions,
& insufficient space to keep things.. & i always worry about fire or something..

last night everything was thundering, & i had to shutdown my computer cause
i kept remembering that time lightning fried the power transformer & my tv..
(OLD tv, free at roadside broken, i fixed it! till the lightning..)
& worrying if my new tivo will get fried..
ive got surge protectors on everything & phone lines,
but not the wires to the antennae that could easily act as a lightning rod.. o.O; hmm..

not like that matters.. some dopey surge protector isnt gonna stop lightning.. ^^;


recent annoyance; muppets wizard of oz dvd..
i taped it when it came on, & was only slightly motivated to buy it,
but bestbuy had a special offer & if i send in the extra rebate, then its practically free..
thing that buggs me, everyones talking about how when it aired on abc,
even the HD broadcast was 4:3, & most muppet movies are widescreen..
then i get the dvd, & it mocks me by saying..
'modified from the original version to fit your screen'.. >.<

not only is that a thing i seriously hate about dvds
(when only the formatted version is available),
but i find it debatable.. the only existance of the film so far,
has been 1 tv broadcast & the dvd.. so how is 4:3 NOT the original version..??
why bother filming in WS if you are NEVER going to use it..??
WAS it filmed in WS? is this yet another typo? i have no idea..
i played it to check, & its 4:3.. but they mock me again with 16:9 menus.. -_-;

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& i also recently discovered that qbasic can handle 64bit numbers.. lol..
not like youd want it to..! (i get freaky decimal errors just adding regular integers)

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With wings..
Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005 11:58 am

another thought that crosses my mind, as thoughts often do..

Poll #527818 chicken

on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your respect for me?

Mean: 4.50 Median: 4.5 Std. Dev 3.50




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With wings..
Thu, Jul. 7th, 2005 10:53 am

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With wings..
Tue, Jul. 5th, 2005 12:34 pm


NNO OO@!!@@!@#


that was listed in nov/dec & i didnt get to bid cause i didnt have $ then..
i thought it lucky when i noticed it ended w/ 0 bids,
so then i waited for him to relist.. & waited..
i considered emailing & asking if he still had it a few times,
but i was either too busy, or i forgot & ran out of $.. but this week i remembered!
before i went to email him, i noticed he finally relisted though..

then i sit & wait for a week, & notice luvbidin takes interest yesterday.. -_-;
so i start to get worried, luvbidin is one of the big unico bidders..
but i decide that i will win! & console myself w/ having to pay more..
& if i dont win, then they would be mad about how high i drive the price..
but an outbid is an outbid, so who wins wins..

but then, after i sit around for an HOUR waiting for the auction to end today,
netzero disconnects me JUST as i place my bid.. ;_;
& its not the regular type of disconnect, its this new thing netzero has been doing to me..
ill still be connected somehow, but have no internet access..
then it takes several minutes to reconnect.. -_-;

i know i wouldve won..

im resisting smashing things now..

everything sucks, this always happens.. its not fair..

i better damn win the lotto pretty damn fucking soon
so i can actually get some stuff ive been wanting!!!!!!!


i hate everyone

*spews* hateful obsenities, unrelated mood rant.. *deletes* (sorta)

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i feel so drained..

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lol.. there! you see what happens win i dont win my auctions!! >:P


hmm.. it would seem that i transform my moods into thoughts,
so that i can control them.. yup
& all this ranting comes from feeling bad & realizing i have noone to turn to..

in conclusion; i need a girl..

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ok, so i am one continuous incomplete thought,
you will never possibly grasp or understand my thinking..
to attempt would be like watching all of television from the begining..
even if you had the ability & the time, it just doesnt stop..

edit: well, if you skipped commercials, youd eventually catch up..
but my analogies always have flaws..

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With wings..
Fri, Jul. 1st, 2005 08:03 pm

sometimes i type entries & just never post them
yknow, like maybe i had a mood swing,
or felt it needed a little more work 'later'..

& sometimes i type emails & never send them..
heres one i typed up today..Collapse )

Q is for memesCollapse )

i hate when they do laundry here..
my mouth tastes like soap cause its in the air.. XP

in other news, i had some dream last night, scribbled on a note,
then went back to sleep.. sometime today i found the note,
& for once my dream scribbling was legible.. "its a bunny thing"

it was a caption on a tshirt i was wearing in the dream,
black, w/ a green pic of some weird vampire frankenstein bunny.. (?)
& this tiny petite crystal girl i knew before was at some party in the dream,
& thats all i remember.. nothing else in the note..

crystal was this girl who one day everyone told me she liked me.. (she didnt want me to know)
& that she had photos of me all over her wall, but i think that part was a joke..
she was super tiny petite, & had the absolute most femine hands ive ever seen,
but i just never noticed her really, cause she always wore way too much makeup, & dyed her hair..
(her face was i guess a little like thora birch)
then i started liking her when she admitted to liking me,
but for reasons ive NEVER learned, she immediately decided to hate me..
& so i didnt get very far with liking her after all.. :/
the ensd

if im dreaming about her, i MUST need to get out more..
hmm.. now that i think about it, technically shes
the 3rd blonde ive dreamt about in a month.. very odd..
maybe ive just become disillusioned with brunnettes?? eh..

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With wings..
Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005 05:57 am

ok, so recently..

i finally got my comp to play dvds again,
apparently some program updated a driver to an outofdate version..
all i had to do was replace the dll & violla! easy..

ive been doing all my usuall video archival related crap that takes all my time..

seriously thinking about getting a stack of tivo type devices,
but from my research, its not nearly the same as dvd quality,
& its a huge hassle to rip the video out & burn to dvd.. -_-;
(the few models w/ built in dvd burners are a BIT costly..)

nevertheless, it should still be higher grade than vhs,
& would require only minimal reconversion..
(assuming the drm isnt a problem)

maybe ill try to get a tivo off ebay
& see if i can hack it to do what i want..
if the picture is decent & all goes well,
ill have to get 2-3 more, & stop using vhs..! ^^

edit; oh yeah, i won the lotto too.. this time $12 ^^;

...& today i notice that tvtome has been usurped by tv.com.. ;_;
so much for easily referenced valuable info....

they dont even have a bunch of stuff listed!!!!
this better be a tempory thing.. >.<!
maybe tvtome is down for repairs & using a redirect???

*investigates*.. nope.. its gone.. cnet bought it.. now its just shit ridden ads..
& endless activeX warnings, because hey! i dont just leave that crap enabled!!
im so sick of shockwave being the new banner ad..
ie crashes it gets so many activeX prompts..
im gonna be stuck JUST using firefox pretty soon..

they dont stop.. they just destroy every possible ounce
of anything thats even remotely good..

cnet must die

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With wings..
Fri, Jun. 3rd, 2005 09:38 pm

*asterix!Collapse )

i typed this last saturday..Collapse )

after that..Collapse )

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With wings..
Tue, May. 17th, 2005 10:24 pm

well.. i cant find any support page for my motherboard..
my bookmark.. http://www.qdigrp.com/qdisite/eng/Products/Kudoz7.htm

youll notice there isnt anything there AT ALL..
domain is registered to 'Network Solutions'..
& they say its registered to.. 'Legend Holdings Limited ..Hong Kong'
& no info i can use from that.. blah..

i hate stuff like this..
best case scenario now, i let winxp go online & find a driver..
or i have to worry about running winxp w/o an adequate driver for my motherboad..
im not even sure what the driver does, things seem to work fine
except for windows demanding i install a driver everytime i reset/boot..

worst case scenario, i buy a new motherboard..?

edit!: ok, weird.. while looking up possible 3rd party archives of the support page,
i noticed a google cache from the qdi site managed to load graphics..
which means the site is back from wherever the hell it was earlier..
& i can finally download the bios & driver upgrades i need..! ^^;

Question? why under win2000 and winXP,using the onboard audio codec, audio playback is very quick than normal?
Answer? the problem is related to driver, please use the default audio driver under win2000 and winXP.

interesting.. i mentioned that problem.. but im not using onboard audio..
presumably the fault is winxp then, & i still need to test out the audio card patch..

blah.. the site has disappeared again..

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With wings..
Tue, May. 17th, 2005 08:59 pm

ok, yesterday i rushed off & bought ANOTHER 200gb for my comp..
only $70 after rebate! thats better than the 50¢/gb average i normally pay..
it appeared to be the last one too!

now i can start making real progress on my video working!!! (again)

but i didnt get much sleep & forgot to preorder dvds..
luckily, prices dont appear raised yet, so yeah..

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& apparently, i should still have $33 left for ebay before it starts screwing up my plans..


mail! my order from last week; penelope pitstop, dastardly&muttley, & original darn cat..
blah! these semi-clear slipsleeves are warped & bent up.. ;_;
cant just bend them back into shape, maybe if i heated the plastic to near melting,
i could reshape it to reverse warping..?? i can barely get the cases back in..
(i dont know if this is something i should blame on shipping, or manufactuering)

but still, dvds are fine!
just need to not get bugged out by packaging defects.. more hanna barbera! yay!
so far they seem to be focusing on just the more popular series from the 60s..
so hong kong fuey should be released pretty soon.. maybe?
might be a few years before stuff like paw paws is on dvd though.. (80s)

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With wings..
Sat, May. 14th, 2005 11:09 pm

im angry.. starting to think i wasted nearly $50..

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also forgot to bid on an auction..
so ill have to bugg the seller into relisting..

but for now im waiting on the winxp compatible patch
for my audio card to download.. says 34min to go.. -_-;
(assuming its the same patch? the description is different..)

then i need to remember the brand name of my motherboard
& look if theres winxp drivers.. (should update my bios too..)

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With wings..
Fri, May. 13th, 2005 07:52 pm

well, yesterday i finally got around to setting up winxp..
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today i get to have fun reasuring myself..! ^-^
looking up old cartoons.. seeing that some people DO keep records..

im actually having trouble remembering any obscure cartoons that arent on that 1st list..
yknow, unless you count stuff older than the 80s, but its an 80s list..

yay! paw paws was cool.. http://www.toonarific.com/lineupads/jet-paw1985.jpg
& i know hanna barbera is cool, so any of their stuff will enevitably be on dvd..
them, a&e, & rhino are the best w/ old kids shows on dvd..
filmation has rights to alot, so they could make a better effort,
but at least they arent as bad as dic.. dic has tons of toons, & almost NO dvds.. -_-;

im gonna have to eventually get to work on transfering all my old vhs,
then i can maybe use what few shows i have on tape, as trading material..
if someone has a website about 80s shows, theres a good chance they have,
or know who has, tapes of those shows for trade..


cant remember the show, but the music sounds familiar..

tra la la..

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With wings..
Tue, May. 10th, 2005 09:31 am

this show is cool.. i want..

todays stress factor; ADV is evil.. numerous dvds theyve released,
have been removed from the market before i could get around to buying them..
for example, TRY to find reboot.. 1st they never released the 1st 2 seasons..
then they release in volumes instead of boxset..
everytime i tried to get the dvds before, people were out of stock..
& now theyre just gone.. cant find them anywhere.. not even bootleggs..
nothing on ebay.. NO dvd retailers have them.. unless you count this one german store,
but theyre in germany, & those are the german version dvds..

best case scenario; wait until the contract lapses in (?) 10-15ish+ years,
then get them when rhino or a&e hopefully release them..
or get cable, hope cartoon network plays them, & record..
or get a job at cartoon network, & stealthily copy their copies.. >:D

personally, id like to see a nice hostile takeover
& fire the dumbasses at adv that think supply & demand
means they get to demand what they supply..

im so sick of this corporate greed bullshit, 'if its not #1 its worthless trash!'..
well.. the marshmallows arent selling as well as the bannanas,
& inevitably, consumerism
is reduced to a question of whether or not you like soylent green..
cause thats your ONLY DAMN CHOICE!!!
we demand you buy whatever we decide to sell..

i want my own company.. i want to make things happen.. but i cant..

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With wings..
Tue, May. 10th, 2005 01:04 am

i didnt finish my previous rant..

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or did you NOT see the news story about the cop that wrote
a farm family a huge ticket, cause their chickens were crossing the road???

some of my plans are still viable, ive seen crap on hsn make millions..
but all those damn laws & red tape are a bit intimidating..

i have a headache.. time to shut up..

EDIT!: http://www.livejournal.com/community/best_thing_ever/12825.html
davinci vs suess is a good question.. especially for libras like me..
but im gonna have to go w/ divine coincidence on this one..
seeing as how i just mentioned him & the helicopter thing..

for another good example of coincidence,
check this sundays comics for peanuts & family circus.. STUPID MOTH! lol..

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With wings..
Sat, May. 7th, 2005 07:35 am

typed few days ago, but didnt post..

damn.. my paid account & extra icons expire saturday..
i want to renew it, but i find it difficult to justify
the $35 i could spend on dvds or ebay.. hmm..

ill probably renew it anyway though,
once i start thinking of it as just under 10¢/day..
(365 * 10¢ = $36.50)

..& i JUST NOW remembered & figured 'oops too late!',
cause its technically sat now..
but! apparently it hasnt expired yet..
AND i completely forgot i had a $50 rebate to deposit!
so i can use that & have $15 left over.. yup!

moments ago..

Account, expiring 2005-05-07
Date created: 2002-04-29 19:05:45
Date updated: 2005-04-29 20:55:14, 1 week ago
Journal entries: 983
Comments: Posted: 1,634 - Received: 902

oh weird.. that whole 4-29 thing..
couldve sworn i posted/commented more than all that though..

& apparently the whole year ive had extra icons so far,
the most ive ever had up yet is 26 icons.. ^^;

as for what ive been up to while not updating;Collapse )

blah blah blah.. i need to shutdown..
cartoons are on soon, & i need the better reception shutting down affords,
so i can tape, & then get around to more vcd/dvd archivals..

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With wings..
Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005 08:53 pm

im sitting here now, wasting time online again.. (just a little)

all of a sudden, i taste peppermint schnaaps.. o.O;

which i havent drank since 2/13/98.. or was that 99?
i know the date cause it was fri13th..
1st officially 'drunk' moments, & drinking overnight..
led to vday (very rainy! ^^)..

it was in fact the drunkest id ever been,
& despite my crush on 5yc, there was this other girl there i liked..
she had a boyfriend, & insanely massive breasts though..
but she was nice & cute & i was drunk..
(i always liked her a little)

i remember her asking things like 'what would you do if i kissed you?',
because ive always had this 'dont touch me' reputation,
& everyone thinks its funny..

so that may have been a factor, but she had a boyfriend,
so i kept trying hard as i could not to hit on her or anything like that..

but eventually, my will broke down..

i dont know what kind of luck it is,
but by the time my will broke down, she was gone..
she had left the party & gone home..

i however was so drunk that i forgot,
& i was barely anything but passed out..

so its not my fault, that when my will broke down,
it wasnt her i accidently made a move on..

but luckily, he was straight! ^^;

it did hurt my reputation a little though.. -_-;

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With wings..
Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005 02:45 am

i think ive mentioned this here before..?

i have a tendancy to smother people, but i have this logic that prevents me from not..

i figure; A. they like my company, & smothering people is a good thing ^_^
or B. they are huge phoney bastard, & smothering is perfect vengance! >:D

..except, its usually more like
C. popular people dont have time for everyone, so they cant stand smotherers..
(i tend to make people feel panicy, because i constantly demand their attention)

which leads to D. I HATES POPULARS!!! >.<;;;

what i dont understand, is how 100% of everyone WANTS to be popular..
i find it revolting & annoying.. im sick of seeing lj & myspace profiles with +100 friends..
(obviously there are exceptions.. like celebrity or band profiles.. duh)
it nullifies any significance, you know damn well they dont even TALK to all those people..

im generally very picky about who i spend my time with, online or not..
i dont understand how dilluted attention by volume is supposed to be better..
but because everyone else thinks this way, blah blah blah...

im sick of this subject.. long story short,
i blame popular people for not wanting to be smothered in the 1st place! hmph!
its not my fault if they cant properly juggle their popularity..

so since tru got cancelled, i didnt need to shutdown for better reception,
& not in the mood to get back to work just yet..
so ive been wandering around online for the 1st time in forever..

slight update.. (me!) http://www.myspace.com/13minus8
i was also thinkin 'equals5', but it just reminded me of 'maroon 5' or 'ben folds 5'..

nifty art! (not me... they got the name 1st)

one reason i havent been online..
(aside from the fact that i feel like the only one here)
is because a month or few ago, all the heavy rain knocked out the phones for a week,
& ever since they got repaired, the fastest connection i can get now is 36k.. (usually 26k)

i kinda need high speed (when i download), but since i dont need it very often,
i find the pricing unreasonable.. why not charge by consumed bandwidth??
if an unlimited connection costs $30 month.. then possible usage vs
actual usage as a percentage could be reflected by the bill..
yknow, if im ACTUALLY downloading 24/7 at full speed, thatd be 100%= $30..
but if i only download a little as expected, then 15%= $4.50.. ^^;
(well.. thats less than im paying for dial up, but whatever!)
i am tempted though, when i remember that we used to pay aol nearly $25 month for dial up..

& now its 3am.. i waste so much time online.. thats another reason.. -_-;

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With wings..
Thu, Apr. 28th, 2005 08:05 pm
& apparently tru has been cancelled after only 5 eps this season.. -_-;

but this comes out tomorrow.. http://hitchhikers.movies.go.com/

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With wings..
Thu, Apr. 28th, 2005 07:57 pm

once upon a time i was supposed to mail stuff to various peoples,
other than sherry, i cant remember who that was..

everyone started moving around & changing addresses all at once..
after that, everyone kinda stopped talking to me..
(not like they ever really did much, but whatever)

so i again accrue things that i meant to give to other people..
(like those cds i was gonna give that one girl that one time)
it seems to happen 1ce or 2ce every other year,
more & more stuff i meant to give people..

so! anyone that knows i was supposed to give them something,
should remind me what it was, & give me their new mailing address..!

of course, things here are still a huge mess,
& only seem to be getting worse..
so it might still take time to find where the stuff is.. ^^;

comments are being screened so only i can see them (presumably),
but whatever, i expect noones reading this anyway..
(& if youre not reading, i fail to feel motivated enough to track you down)

ill know if youre just making crap up btw..

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With wings..
Mon, Apr. 25th, 2005 01:46 pm

this is the part where i stand in the dark & scream as loud as i can..

todays fortune cookie;
during your life, you will meet people that say they believe in/care about you.
you will be shocked by their abnormal behavior, but eventually realize they are just lying.

ive created a time machine..

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Fri, Apr. 1st, 2005 03:32 am

..said the journal

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Tue, Feb. 15th, 2005 12:23 am

juggling everything as usuall..

Read more...Collapse )

well, apparently no online orders to be placed just yet this week..
so now i must get these files back to converting,
& go play more metroid whilst i wait..

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Sun, Feb. 13th, 2005 02:19 am

i rant now!Collapse )

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With wings..
Mon, Feb. 7th, 2005 06:33 pm


considering i dont have any real unico posters (i have small prints),
i was hoping to win that.. but i kinda need to keep the $ anyway..

i bid w/ 44s remaining.. they outbid w/ 19s remaining..
& it takes me 8-16s just to refresh the page & see bids..
w/ only 9s left, i decided to NOT impulsively try
to go higher w/ some random unthought number..

if their initial bid was $35, & raised bid was $50,
they probably bid over $80-100 the 3rd time..

anyways, in addition to being super busy for months,
ive been crunching numbers to try & get all my dvds w/ what cash ive got..
jan & feb turned out pretty good, allowing me to catch up just a little..
i should have maybe a $50 margin now to work w/ unexpected purchases..

but then theres ebay.. & bidding $62,
i was already compromising my dvd agendas..
but i figure its a question of opportunity..
ive never seen that poster before,
& the dvds i plan on getting should still be available for a while..

so yeah, if memory serves, im not sure i have enough to outbid them..
but now i can still get all the dvds i was planning on,
& still have a little $ left for unexpected purchases..

which reminds me, i need to order dvds for this week..
but ill have to get to that & other online things later today,
im kinda rushing to get some offline stuff done first..
(& the timing of ebay is tripping me up..)

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